School Bus Safety

Each principal is responsible for carrying out a school bus safety program and has jurisdiction over the conduct of students while on the bus.
The school bus driver has the authority to maintain discipline on his/her bus.
All students are to observe the following precautions:
When walking to the stop and waiting for the bus:
  • arrive on time at the bus stop,
  • wait in a safe place off the main road,
  • remain at the assigned bus stop area and maintain an orderly behavior,
  • give the bus room to stop,
  • stay off private property, and
  • do not play in the road.
When boarding the bus:
  • do not cross the road until the bus has stopped,
  • check the traffic in both directions before crossing, 
  • form a single line as the bus approaches,
  • wait for the bus to stop before moving toward it,
  • enter the bus in single file; allowing younger students to board first, and
  • go directly to your seat and remain seated.
While the bus is in motion:
  • remain seated until the bus reaches its destination or comes to a complete stop,
  • keep all parts of the body and other objects inside of bus,
  • keep the aisle clear of objects,
  • hold books, coats, and other objects in lap,
  • talk in normal voice,
  • do not change seats,
  • do not throw objects,
  • show respect for the driver, and
  • do not push or fight.
While the bus is unloading:
  • remain seated until the driver opens the door,
  • exit the bus in a single file line, and
  • leave the bus and the unloading area promptly.
When crossing the street:
  • wait until the driver gives a signal to cross,
  • walk at least 10 feet in front of the bus,
  • stop when even with the traffic side of the bus and check carefully in both directions before continuing to cross, and
  • help smaller children to cross the road safely.
Other conditions:
  • at all times ride the bus to which you are assigned unless given special permission by parents and the principal,
  • get off the bus at the same stop where you were picked up,
  • follow the rules and regulations of the school where bus transfers are made (all students are subject to the school officials of any school), and
  • eating, drinking, smoking, and chewing on the bus are prohibited.
Students who violate any of the rules and regulations or who in any way endanger the life or welfare of themselves or other passengers will be subject to loss of the privilege of riding the bus. In such cases, parents will be responsible for transporting students to and from school. Drivers shall report major infractions on the appropriate from to the principal.
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